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A Twist of Tobacco Series




You can now leave reviews (good or bad) on the product page of each of the books.

No matter where or how you got the book, you can now leave feedback.  Easier to navigate than Amazon or Goodreads. 

Just pop in and click "buy now" and that will take you to the page and then click "leave a comment" 

And everyone who leaves a comment gets their name in a drawing for a FREE copy of my new book : TENNESSEE TO TEXAS Articles and Artifacts.  

One entry for each comment.


A Twist of Tobacco $10.00
Click Here for Product Details! Fact based novel of struggle and survival during the Civil War. SIGNED COPY [ More Information ]
A Vow Unbroken $12.00
Click Here for Product Details! Book 2 in the Family Saga series Twist of Tobacco series. SIGNED COPY [ More Information ]
Heaven’s Promise-The Final Twist $15.00
Click Here for Product Details! Final book in the trilogy. What does the future hold? [ More Information ]
A Twist-The Trilogy $35.000
Click Here for Product Details! SAVE and Order the complete trilogy of A Twist of Tobacco. [ More Information ]