A Twist of Tobacco

1_Twist.jpg First in the Trilogy. Set at the beginning of the Civil War in Middle Tennessee. 

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Eli’s 3 oldest sons were fighting in the war. His wife died from childbirth. When he was taken by enemy forces his 11 yr old daughter was left to protect her younger siblings.  Read this fascinating story in A Twist of Tobacco Trilogy 

A secret binds a brother and sister for a lifetime in this truth-based family saga about loyalty, courage, faith and survival.

Filled with pride and the desire for glory, nineteen-year-old Watt kissed his mother, sweetheart, brothers and sisters goodbye. Then he answered the call of the Confederacy. After many battles and two prison camps he wondered if he would ever find peace or return to his beloved family and quiet farm life.

Ten-year-old Lizzie proudly watched her brothers, uncles and close neighbors ride off to war in their butternut uniforms. Yankee troops, near starvation and the disappearance of her father forced to leave her childhood behind, with five younger brothers and sisters to care for. Will she have the courage to honor the promise made to her dead mother?

Journey into the war-torn hills of Middle Tennessee, the blood bath that was Chickamauga and the hell hole of Rock Island Prison as Rita Holcomb weaves her fascinating family history into an intriguing fiction story that spans 70 years. 

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