Five stars



Very emotional, heartfelt saga of a southern family trying simply to sustain and hang on to some resemblance of normalcy during the horrific years of pain, danger, hardship, starvation, suffering, death, sadness, love, loss, resourcefulness, courage, and for a fortunate few, survival of the Civil War which forced severe divisions, not only of our beloved United States, but also a total change of life as they knew it, pitting brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, state against state, and freeborn against slave. The dedicated research this must have taken to bear strict adherence to history and factual documentation is amazing.

This first in the planned series of books is a wonderful tribute by Rita, a Sherman Texas schoolmate of mine, to honor her family and its ancestors who actually lived and died during such a terrifying time of war, famine, and mean-spirited destruction. May the next, and each successive book, of this proposed series be equally interesting, mind-gripping, and while at times heartbreakingly sad, also be memorable in their descriptions of life and circumstances of good times and bad, and the endurance of her family throughout by these continuing journals of connected family stories.

Recommended for anyone over 10 years of age.