Meeting Lost Relatives


Photo taken on my first ever Genealogy Research Excursion in July of 2000. Darrell and I went to Knoxville for a Brabson family reunion (my mother's side of the family), but stopped in Nashville to meet these two wonderful gentlemen. 
Knox Ownby on the left is William Peyton Winstead is on the right.

The irony and fun fact is these two attended the same church and had known each other for years. Although not kin to each other they were both kin to me.

Darrell and I walked into the JoJo's where we had arranged to meet and the place was empty. We spotted two men sitting in a sunny corner booth and Darrell and I just looked at each other and headed that direction. The resembled two of my uncles and as the afternoon progressed the familiarity increased. Their personalities were the same also.

It was Love at first sight. 
Bill left us in 2011 and Knox's health is failing but I am forever thankful that I knew both of these fine gentlemen.