A Vow Unbroken

2_Vow.jpg 2nd in the Trilogy. Set in Reconstruction Tennessee after the Civil War.

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Vows are the building blocks and devotion is the mortar that solidifies a proud southern family.
The war is over but peace is elusive. A vindictive victor extracts retribution from the vanquished and the price is high. Reconstruction laws and disenfranchisement cripples the returning confederates.

Will the future bring love and happiness or death and broken hearts?

How can Watt and Lizzie plan for the future of the family while trying to survive the present? Will love prevail?
Lizzie recognizes the importance of the promise she made her dying mother to nurture and protect the younger siblings.
Watt and his brothers struggle to rebuild the farm from the rubble of war. Supplies and resources are scarce.
Eli continues to exemplify the family values of faith, courtesy and loyalty as the standard he expects his children to uphold.
As the family grows, the future looks grim for the next generation. Has the time come to abandon their home and find their destiny in the west?

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