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A Twist of Tobacco
A Twist of Tobacco A family is like A Twist of Tobacco, layered, folded and twisted until each leaf becomes inseparable.
19-year-old Watt said goodbye to his sweetheart and his family and rode off to war confident the south would whip the Yankee invaders in six months. After four years of war and time spent in Camp Chase Prison he wondered if he would ever see his beloved Marthey’s face again.
Ten-year-old Lizzie proudly watched her brothers, uncles and close neighbors ride off to war in their butternut uniforms. Yankee troops and near starvation forced her to leave her childhood behind, with five younger brothers and sisters to care for. Will she have the courage to honor the promise made to her dying mother?
Journey into the war-torn hills of Middle Tennessee, the blood bath that was Chickamauga and the hell hole of Rock Island Prison as Rita Holcomb weaves her fascinating family history into an intriguing fiction story that spans 70 years.
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A Twist of Tobacco $15.00


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*****  Based on facts   - James Peercy (Texas)
Based upon the factual history of the Civil War and her family’s past, Rita Ownby Holcomb weaves in details discovered by research and hard work. In the areas where facts fail to be known, Rita surmises human nature, strength of character, and the determination to survive. These are all necessary characteristics of a family’s struggle against the forces of war. Her sources vary, documented after each discourse. The stories delve into the horrors man would perpetrate against man, as well as, what mankind would do to help each other. Despite all odds, this family stayed together as tightly as possible. They were patriots, heroes, and martyrs. They left a legacy worthy of the telling. Rita has done a splendid job. Read it and post a review. The author would be most grateful.

****  Interesting story   - Melanie (Tx)
This is an interesting story about how war impacts a family in different ways. I enjoyed the story and rich historical details.

*****  The more I read the more I wanted to learn   - John Moody (Denison, Texas)
Historical novels are not usually my kind of book to read, but I decided to try this one because the characters were actual people. As it turned out, the more I read it, the more I wanted to learn about the character’s lives. I also enjoyed the many details of how people lived way back when. I believe that anyone who is interested in the American Civil War would get a lot out of this book.

*****  Unforgettable   - Linda Nunn (Pottsboro, Texas)
This story is unforgettable for history buffs and anyone else who would enjoy reading a true account of a real family play out on the written page. I laughed; I cried; and when I read the last page, I realized I had seen a depiction of American life in the 19th century South at it's best. This tale by author, Rita Ownby Holcomb, reminded me of the love and the sorrow and the pure joy experienced by our ancestors. Rita does not disappoint and the good news is that this is the first of a series with her newest book, " A Vow Unbroken " coming out soon. Treat yourself to this uplifting and historically correct book.

*****  Fascinating historical fiction   - Anonymous (USA)
If you are looking for a fascinating historical fiction book, set in the Civil War era, then this is a must read! Rita Ownby Holcomb has woven her fascinating family history into an intriguing fiction story, based on the Ownby family's true life experiences. Holcomb brings the Ownby family to life - through their struggles, joys, and courage. She gives her readers a real sense of the time, places, and family interactions....drawing the reader into the characters' emotions I felt like I was actually there watching the story unfold! This book should be on the required reading list for students! I highly recommend this book and series!!

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