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A Vow Unbroken
A Vow Unbroken Vows are the building blocks and devotion is the mortar that solidifies a proud southern family.
The war is over but peace is elusive. A vindictive victor extracts retribution from the vanquished and the price is high. Reconstruction laws and disenfranchisement cripples the returning confederates. Will the future bring love and happiness or death and broken hearts?
How can Watt and Lizzie plan for the future of the family while trying to survive the present? Will love prevail?
Lizzie recognizes the importance of the promise she made her dying mother to nurture and protect the younger siblings.
Watt and his brothers struggle to rebuild the farm from the rubble of war. Supplies and resources are scarce.
Eli continues to exemplify the family values of faith, courtesy and loyalty as the standard he expects his children to uphold.
As the family grows, the future looks grim for the next generation. Has the time come to abandon their home and find their destiny in the west?
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A Vow Unbroken $15.00


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*****  As Good as the first   - Anonymous (USA)
This story, like the first, draws the reader in immediately. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. The chapters are short & do allow you to finish a portion & stop. But I didn't want to. I read it in about 6 hours, and can't wait for the conclusion. Wonderful historic tale of a real family. I recommend Rita Ownby Holbcomb's series of books about her family's struggles and victories.

*****  Favorite kind of historical fiction   - Shirley Breheny (California)
I love this author! This is my favorite kind of historical fiction--lots of vivid detail so that I can picture every scene. I also like the emotions expressed, especially those that might not be considered valiant In the situation. It makes the incidents feel more real.

*****  Wonderful Book   - Anonymous (USA)
Once again, following the story of the Ownby family makes you laugh, brings you to tears, and leaves you wanting more. Written in a relaxed, homey style it is easy to read and brings you into the lives of the Ownby's and their extended families. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

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